Latest QSL Information for VA7VV

Short version:  QSL's > /dev/null  -- Don't send me your QSL. If you want a card, read the Long Version below:

Long Version:
After over 55 years of hamming, I have sent my very last cellulose QSL. I am now long of tooth and can put the money to better use buying beer, groceries and paying bills.  You are not without recourse however. Following the simple steps below will provide you with the necessary documentation you seek.  The only difference is: you're in charge, not me.

 So,  if you need confirmation of a QSO with VA7VV do the following:  Download the two jpg's below (557a.jpg and qsltext.jpg); print them on 4x6 photo-paper (they are the correct size for that); paste the blank sides together; then fill in the appropriate information on the text side.  You can get all the information you need from your own log.  If you don't keep a log, then make up the info. If you did not like the signal report you got from me, give yourself a few extra S-units.  599 works for me.  You can then proceed to wish yourself the best 73's, and hope to see yourself on the band again, or whatever makes you feel good.  You have my permission to sign my name to the text side, making it quite official. 

Assuming everything worked OK, put  the finished card in your drawer, send it in for an award, or hang it up -- whatever you do with them.

That's it... it's simple, clean and efficient: you want the card, you do the work. I'd wager that the price of two pieces of 4x6 photo-paper, some glue and a few drops of ink would be less than the price of a postage stamp and an envelope anyway.  Slick, and no chance of white powder arriving through the mail. Now that I think about it, it reduces global warming too, by leaving those trees that would have been turned into QSL cards still standing, converting  bad gasses into good ones as trees are wont to do.